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Hands-On Institute works to impact communities in Nepal and students around the world by connecting them to each other.


Wondering how to bring your group to Nepal? Wondering how to tailor your academic and group needs to suit the local context? Wondering how your trip will benefit the local communities? Write to us and we will work together with you to create an extraordinary trip for your institution.

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Featured Programs

Serving and Learning Adventure


Did you ever want to travel to Nepal, the land of Buddha and Himalaya? Are you interested to serve a community by volunteering on a school project in a rural village? This trip gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the life and culture of Nepal.

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Exploratory Journey to Nepal


Did you ever want to make Nepal your next classroom? Come! Join Exploratory Journey to Nepal. Explore knowledge and wisdom inherent in indigenous families, understand local strengths, and decide where your group goes next!

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International Sustainability School 2017

3-12 June 2017

Sustainability School is a physically, mentally and socially engaging experience, which is designed to give you new skills, friends, ideas and inspiration. It is an opportunity to see, feel and know more about sustainability.

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