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Among the Clouds- By Anima Choudhury

Have you ever fallen in love with a journey? I did. My journey to the Australian Camp (Nepal) is one of the best memories I can conjure in my jingling life. You might ask why my life is jingling? I have two arguments to support this statement. Firstly, I can literally hear the resonance of life, always whispering to me. Secondly, just like the Christmas ring-bell which continues jingling on the eve of the celebration, my life is so eventful, that every moment is like a ringing of a bell. Travelling always has been a way of self-discovery for me.

Anima Choudhury, Hands-On Institute’s International Sustainability Fellow reminiscences her trip to Australian Camp made during International Sustainability School 2014 as one of the best memories she can conjure in her jingling life. Click Here to read all which was was publised in Wall Street International Magazine: