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Memoirs from Nepal- by Miuccia Halim

Miuccia Halim “Where you sit depends on where you stand.” As our team huddled together in the dimly lit dining hall of Machhapuchchhre Village Inn in Nepal, we attentively listened to our mentor, Samrat Katwal, emphasize our roles as outsiders of the rural community we were aiming to help. Even […]

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CATCHING LIGHT- by Bukelwa Nzimande- South Africa

During an intense two-week International Sustainability School fellowship programme in Nepal, I had the privilege of sitting under the teachings of  inspiring and resourceful men and women, both in a formal and informal context.  Every single one of them a change-maker, ground-shaker and innovator in their immediate space. From social “behavioural change igniters” […]

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Trekking with Nature by Keturah -Liberia

My travel to Nepal for the International Sustainability School in the summer, 3 – 12 June 2017 is one travel experience that I certainly will never forget. The 10-day experience was a combination of learning from experts, living like a local, trekking, and establishing friendship with amazing  professionals from different […]

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Jason Ang from Malaysia reminiscences ISS 2015

International Sustainability School 2015 is one of the most experiential learning and training I have been through. It was an extraordinary journey, a self-discovery trek, a skill building workshop, a hub to find like-minded lifetime friends, an opportunity to connect to nature, an experience with communities and a place to […]

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Among the Clouds- By Anima Choudhury

Have you ever fallen in love with a journey? I did. My journey to the Australian Camp (Nepal) is one of the best memories I can conjure in my jingling life. You might ask why my life is jingling? I have two arguments to support this statement. Firstly, I can […]

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Recovering from Disruption

A Comprehensive Approach to Building a Better, More Sustainable World (53 minutes, Creative Commons) A comprehensive set of measures is required to make dramatic reductions in fossil fuel consumption in just a few years. Proven measures are required as there is no time to develop and test new approaches. The […]

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