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2024 FAM Trip to Nepal

Are you a faculty member or part of a study abroad department? Embark on an insightful FAM (Familiarization) Trip to Nepal! Explore the mesmerizing landscapes, Nepal’s world-famous attractions and rich culture while discovering study abroad/community service learning opportunities for your group. You will get to experience firsthand the possibilities of bringing student groups on service trips and fostering community development in Nepal. Seize this opportunity to explore educational experiences for your students. Join us now to bring your study abroad program to Nepal!


FAM Trip to Nepal will provide you a feel of what it is like to bring a group to Nepal. This trip is basically a familiarization trip where faculty members, trip leaders, and educational travel providers will explore different sides of Nepal and get a taste of impact that a Nepal trip can make. It is an opportunity to experience Nepali life, understand local opportunities and issues while enjoying the Himalayas and Nepali hospitality. 

Note: If your institution is interested to customize a FAM Trip in Nepal to align with your preferred dates, contact us at info@onceinlife.org. We'll craft a memorable experience tailored to your requirements.

Program Details

Program Date

3-8 December 2024

Application Deadline

15 August 2024

Program Fee

Partially Funded