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우리의 임무

실습 연구소는 서로 결과적으로 개발 이해로 연결 단절 육성과 세계관을 확대하여 세계 네팔 지역 사회와 학생에 영향을 작동합니다.

네팔에게 교실을 MAKE

적, 전문가 학습, 지역 사회와 함께 살고, 히말라야 트레킹 구상
지역과 협력, 변화 업체를 충족? 우리는 그렇게 할!

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특별 프로그램

(EN) Experience Dalit Homestay


(EN) Support the fight against untouchablity by staying in Aapshawa community homestay – a dalit led community homestay. Experience farm life, learn traditional skills, take a stroll in the village, watch the sunset – all while being part of a revolution.


교육자의 친숙 여행

3-8 December 2019

(EN) Thinking to plan your study abroad program in Nepal? Wondering how to tailor your academic and group needs to suit the local context? Join us on a Familiarization Trip to experience authentic Nepal and to explore potential projects for your group.

지금 적용

국제 지속 가능 학교 2016

28 July-6 August 2019, Nepal

(EN) Since its inception in 2014, young people from 23 countries have experienced International Sustainability School. This is a physically, mentally and socially engaging program that enriches participants.
Join Us!

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