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교육자의 친숙 여행

당신은 네팔에게 다음 교실을 만들고 싶어 했습니까? 가자! 교육자 여행에 가입하세요. , 다음 여행을 계획, 원주민 가족의 지식과 고유의 지혜를 탐구 자신의 열망을 이해하고 학생들이 다음가는 위치를 결정!


FAM Trip to Nepal will provide you a feel of what it is like to bring a group to Nepal. This trip is basically a familiarization trip where faculty members, trip leaders, and educational travel providers will explore different sides of Nepal and get a taste of impact that a Nepal trip can make. It is an opportunity to experience Nepali life, understand local opportunities and issues while enjoying the Himalayas and Nepali hospitality. 

Note: If your institution is interested to customize a FAM Trip in Nepal to align with your preferred dates, contact us at info@onceinlife.org. We'll craft a memorable experience tailored to your requirements.

Program Details

Program Date

3-8 December 2024

Application Deadline

15 August 2024

Program Fee

Partially Funded