Who We Serve

Hands-On Institute serves local communities of Nepal and academic institutions around world by connecting them to each other. We have been assisting academic institutions, groups and organizations in designing and facilitating their study tour to Nepal. Be it service learning in Nepal, summer programs in Nepal, study abroad in Nepal, immersion trips to Nepal, college trips to Nepal, school trips to Nepal or any other kind of group travel to Nepal, we make it all happen to suit your need. We design and facilitate learning trip to suit the needs of the local communities and academic institutions. We partner with:


Academic Institutions

We help universities, colleges and schools who wish to develop service trip or study abroad in Nepal by crafting specific experiences and learning opportunities to suit their needs and connect them to local communities.


Organizations/Community Groups/Companies

Hands-On Institute helps organizations and community groups make their annual retreats and teambuilding exemplary and meaningful. We help team building get real by immersing organization’s staff in meaningful challenges that would help a cause.


Partner Communities

Our partner communities, which is our classroom have needs that needs to be solved. This felt needs are locally defined. The connection that we establish between our local partners and learners worldwide helps both.